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Your assignment is to write a film review of Bug, directed by William Friedkin. You must consider such aspects as acting, plot, special effects, sets, and costumes, etc.  Use the following questions below to help you develop your critique for this film:

  • Do the actors fit the roles they are playing?
  • How effectively did the film makers of this movie use symbols/images to convey the theme(s)?
  • What message did you get from the film? Do you think those are the messages that the writer of the film work intended? Explain.
  • What scenes in the movie sum up the theme effectively? How do camera shots, lighting, setting and acting contribute to the impact of the theme in the scenes.

You can read professional film reviews at: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/
Length: five paragraphs or approximately 1 ½ pages to 2 pages, MLA Format.


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