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In this week’s Assignment, you

In this week’s Assignment, you.

In this week’s Assignment, you will begin working on phase one of the Final Project. You will start by selecting a company you are familiar with, interested in learning more about, or your own company. Keep in mind the comprehensive sales plan for the organization is due in Unit 8. But for now, you will develop the first phase, which is the introduction.

An essential element of any sales plan is an overview of the external sales environment. Critical opportunities and threats in the sales environment must be identified in the initial sales planning process. This external environmental information will provide sales managers with answers to strategic questions that may arise while developing the sales plan. You will evaluate the social, demographic, economic, technological, political and legal, and competitive factors of the external environment.

The website of the selected company can help you find most, if not all of the needed information to complete phase one of the sales plan.

Introduction: Use the template provided  and the research you conducted on the organization you selected to develop your introduction. Provide an overview of the organization and its mission. Identify the company’s core products or services; determine the target market including demographics, location, and size of the target market. Identify the major external environmental factors that impact the organization. Discuss the sales objectives. Discuss the role business ethics play in the sales organization.

Remember that you will need to use research to support your project. Stay away from Wikipedia and other non-academic sources and instead use credible company sponsored websites, or peer reviewed sources provided by the Library. Your company’s strategy should be 2–3 pages in length and must include a reference list. Citations and references must follow APA guidelines.

Note: Please use the Assignment template and 12-point Times New Roman fon

In this week’s Assignment, you


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