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In this contemporary case iden

In this contemporary case iden.

In this contemporary case identify and analyze the first of two contemporary ethical issues in the workplace. This issue should be drawn from your personal experience or from news reports. (Be sure to protect the privacy of others if you choose a personal case.) If you are unsure of the suitability of a particular issue for the case, contact your mentor as soon as possible for approval or help in choosing an issue. Construct your case following these steps.

  1. Provide a description: Describe the situation in enough detail for the reader to understand the background and the issues. Write this description in paragraph form.
  2. Apply a decision-making format: Resolve the issue using Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints or the Five “I” format from Chapter 3. You may use lists for some steps, such as when specifying possible solutions.
  3. Reflect: Evaluate your decision and the format you followed. Identify what you learned from your analysis.

In this contemporary case iden


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