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In this assessment task, you (

In this assessment task, you (.

In this assessment task, you (as the Operations Manager at GMC) are required to implement sustainability initiatives. This will include a suitability inspection and encouraging sustainable practices based on the inspection.

Complete the following three (3) tasks.

1.   Undertake an inspection of a facility (college premises)

Assume that, following acceptance of your sustainability policy and procedures, you have been asked to implement strategies identified in your action plan for the continuous improvement of resource efficiency. This is to include an inspection of the workplace to identify environmental sustainability and resource usage issues and to identify and report on possible solutions.

You will therefore undertake an inspection of the college facility using the environmental sustainability and resource Usage Record Template (Appendix 5).

Record at least three (3) actual or potential environmental sustainability and resource usage issues that you found during inspection.

Your assessor will advise you of the date and time of the inspection and will observe you conducting the inspection.

2.   Develop a memo for staff about best practice sustainability procedures

Assume that you wish to commence implementing a further initiative from the action plan, which is to provide regular communications to staff about sustainability practices.

Based on one of the issues identified in your environmental sustainability and resource usage record, develop a short memo to send to staff about best practice sustainability procedures. For example, if you have identified that water usage is high, you could write about tips to reduce water usage. The memo you develop must be written in plain English and in user-friendly language and be designed to promote engagement in sustainability initiatives.

The memo should be no more than one (1) page and include images such as photos or graphs to assist with understanding and engagement.

In this assessment task, you (


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