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In a random sample of 100 NCAA

In a random sample of 100 NCAA.

I only need nr.5) at the bottom. TIA for your answer xxxxxxxxxxxx

4. In a random sample of 100 NCAA basketball games, the team leading after one quarterwon the game 72 times.Then a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of teams leading after the firstquarter that go on to win is approximately (0.6, 0.84).False. The 95% Cl is approximately equal to.72 + 1.961/p(1-P) _ 0.72 + 1.96 x 0.045 = (.63, .81)n2Windows aktivieren5. For the same sample, a 95% prediction interval for a particular team winning is also Wechseln Sie zu den Einstellu(0.6, 0.84).aktivieren.

In a random sample of 100 NCAA


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