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identify the possible torts, a

identify the possible torts, a.

identify the possible torts, and analyze whether such torts would apply. 

Also identify any defenses to the tort.

RidRat chemical company manufactures a rat poison. The poison is packed into a 

cardboard box. Both its packaging and the labelling comply with the regulations of the 

pertinent laws that govern pesticides. 

RidRat sells the product to WalMart. WalMart sells the product to Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Potts 

stores the RidRat under her sink. Mrs. Potts son, Chip, age 4, is injured when he goes

under the sink and ingests some of the Rid-Rat.

(a) Is Rid-Rat liable for injuries to Chip? 

(b) Is Wal-Mart liable for injuries to Chip?

identify the possible torts, a


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