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I Verizon – 12:54 AM Done 2 Of

I Verizon – 12:54 AM Done 2 Of.


Form 1040, Schedules A B C D and E, Form for S/E tax, Form 4684, (2) 2562 forms

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"I Verizon -12:54 AMDone2 Of 32546_ em_ appE_ hr_ 001 -0.09_ online 2017 indd 17/13 / 18 1:43E – 2APPENDIX E Practice Set Assignments – Comprehensive Tax Return Problems*2 . On January 2 , 2017 , Jason paid $31 , 000 ( including sales tax ) to purchase a gently*used Toyota Camry that he uses 92% of the time for business . No trade- in was*involved , and he did not claim any $ 179 expensing . Jason uses the actual operatingcost method to compute his tax deduction . He elects to use the 200% declining -balance MACKS depreciation method with a half – year convention . His 2017expenses relating to the Camry are as follows :`Gasoline$3, 500Auto insurance*1, 700Interest on car loan820Auto club dues325Oil changes and lubrication210License and registration*190In connection with his business use of the Camry , Jason paid $510 for tolls and$350 in fines for traffic violations . In 2017 , Jason drove the Camry 14 , 352 milesfor business and 1 , 248 miles for personal use ( which includes his daily round – tripcommute to work ) .*3 . Jason handles most claim applications locally , but on occasion , he must travelout of town . Expenses in connection with these business trips during 2017 were*$930 for lodging and $1 , 1 40 for meals . He also paid $610 for business dinners hehad with several visiting executives of insurance companies with whom he doesbusiness . Jason’s other business- related expenses for 2017 are listed below :`Contribution to H. R . 10 ( Keogh ) retirement plan*$8, 000Premiums on medical insurance covering self and family ( spouse and children )*4, 600Premiums on disability insurance policy*( pays for loss of income in the event Jason is disabled and cannot work )2, 400State and local occupation fee*450Birthday gift for receptionist*( $25 box of Godiva chocolates plus $3 for gift wrap )*284 . Jenni earns $32,000 working as a registered dietician for the Marquette Public*School District . The job she holds , manager of the school lunch program , is notclassified as full-time . Consequently , she is not eligible to participate in the teacher*retirement or health insurance programs . Jenni’s expenses for 2017 are summarizedas follows :`Contribution to traditional IRA$5, 500Job-hunting expense*720Continuing education program*350Membership dues to the National Association of Dietitians120Subscription to Nutrition Today90In order to work full-time and earn a larger salary , Jenni applied for a position*as chief dietitian for a chain of nursing homes . According to the director of the*recruiting service Jenni hired , the position has not yet been filled and she is one ofthe leading candidates . The continuing education program was sponsored by theNational Association of Dietitians and consisted of a one-day seminar on specialdiets for seniors . Jenni drove the family Chevrolet Malibu 930 miles on job-relateduse and 5 , 200 miles in commuting to work , out of a total of 8 , 670 miles driven for*the year . The Danes purchased the car on July 11 , 2015 , for $23 , 40,0 . Jenni uses theautomatic mileage method for computing any available deduction for business use*of the car .*5 . The Danes have supported Jesse Voss ( Jenni’s widowed father ) for several years .appropriately claiming him as a dependent for tax purposes . On December 27 .2016 , Jesse suffered a massive stroke . The doctors did everything they could for*

I Verizon – 12:54 AM Done 2 Of


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