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HSM-543 Health Services Finance – Devry – Complete Course

Week, TCOs, and Topics Readings/Class Preparation Activities/Assignments
Week 1
TCOs A and B

Financial Management
Chapter 1: Financial Management in Context
Chapter 2: Organization of Financial Management
Chapter 3: Tax Status of Healthcare Organizations
Graded Discussion Topics
Week 2

Operating Revenue
Chapter 4: Third-Party Payment
Chapter 5: Medicare and Medicaid
Chapter 7: Setting Charges in Healthcare
Chapter 9: Managing Accounts Receivable
Graded Discussion Topics
You Decide 1: Accounts Receivable Crisis
Week 3
TCOs D and E
Working Capital
Chapter 8: Managing Working Capital
Chapter 9: Managing Accounts Receivable
Chapter 10: Managing Materials
Course Project Topic and Outline Due
Graded Discussion Topics
Week 4
TCOs D and E
Resource Allocation
Chapter 11: Strategic and Operational Planning
Chapter 12: Budgeting
Chapter 13: Capital Budgeting
Graded Discussion Topics
Week 5
TCOs D and E
Financial Analysis
Chapter 14: Financial Analysis and Management Reporting Graded Discussion Topics
Week 6
TCOs F and G
Future Trends
Chapter 15: Future Trends Graded Discussion Topics
You Decide 2: Back to the Drawing Board!
Week 7
TCOs G and H
Integrated Health Systems and Regulatory Issues
Chapter 15: Future Trends Course Project Due
Graded Discussion Topics
Week 8
All TCOs
Final Exam


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