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What is a good review paper? – A good review paper not only summarises the current state of knowledge in a particular area, it also synthesises the literature to provide new insights and advance that field of re‐ search (Denney & Tewksbury, 2013; Pautasso, 2013; Torraco, 2005; Van Wee & Banister, 2016; Webster & Watson, 2002).

How do you write a good article review? – Think about the organization of the review article. Summarize the article. Focus on the important points, claims, and information. Discuss the positive aspects of the article. Think about what the author does well, good points she makes, and insightful observations.

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How many pages should a review paper be? – One to two pages is typically the norm; however, I have submitted a few three- to four-page reviews when I thought an article was already quite good, but could be better.

Can I write a review paper on my own? – If you have worked on your own, there is no need of a second author. You can be the corresponding author and the presenting author both. I have seen many single author papers. Corresponding author, as the name suggests, is the one who handles all the correspondence related to the paper.

What is the purpose of review paper? – Purpose of review papers They carefully identify and synthesize relevant literature to evaluate a specific research question, substantive domain, theoretical approach, or methodology and thereby provide readers with a state-of-the-art understanding of the research topic.

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How long should an article review be? – The body of the article review should be limited to one to two paragraphs, including your understanding of the article, quotations from the article demonstrating your main ideas, discussing the article’s limitations and how to overcome them.

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