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How has your experience been with the nurse leader?

Of the leadership theories discussed this week, which one did this nurse leader subscribe to? Why?

Of the leadership theories discussed this week the Participative (Democratic) style most describes the nurse leader at my workplace. She includes the staff when making decisions and welcomes open group discussions before making final decisions.” A participative management style is pervasive, and staff feedback is not just welcomed but expected by leaders in making decisions about the work of patient care” (Porter-O’Grady, T. 2016 P.17)

How has your experience been with the nurse leader? Provide a description of your interactions with him or her?

My nurse leader was recently promoted from charge nurse to manager; she’s the perfect person for the job. We’re all enthused that she has this position, she was a floor nurse just months prior and still remembers the challenges we face caring for six patients. Recently I had a confused, anxious, combative, unsteady, high fall risk patient, who lived at home alone. Due to his combative, uncooperative nature the hospital Doctor issued a discharge home to self -care order.  I knew that he was in no condition to go home alone, he would return to the hospital within hours in worst shape. Due to my role and responsibility as my patient’s advocate, I went in to speak to my nurse leader in private and addressed all my concerns. She quickly got the case management supervisor involved in the case and requested a physical therapy evaluation. As a team we were able to prevent an unsafe discharge from hospital.


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