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how can you specifically influence and/or create change in your setting as an APN ?


NURS 8002

Scholarly Paper Grading Rubric – Module 7


Pts Pts.



1. Identify a specific area of high interest or an important clinical question

related to advance nursing practice. Narrow your topic in focus and the applicable client population (e.g., post-

operative pain in a young adult male following a total knee replacement).


2. Succinctly describe how the search for evidence was completed

(1 paragraph) include databases searched, search terms, and inclusion/exclusion

criteria (e.g. English language, range of publication years, etc.). No meta-analysis,

systematic or integrative are permitted.


3. Specifically describe the theory (nursing or non-nursing) that you selected

to apply to your identified clinical topic for this paper. Include your rationale

for selection. You are to state the specific concepts and relationship statements

that are applicable to your topic. In most cases, this will only be a portion of the

theory. One article, book or book chapter preferably written by the theorist should

describe the theory and aspects most relevant to your topic. This reference can be

more than 5 years old.


4. Provide a succinct summary of the state of the science from 4 recent scholarly

research articles (3 related to the your topic, 1 related to testing the theory

selected – recognize that this last research article may not test the theory

pertaining to your specific topic, but make an earnest attempt to find one that

does). Prefer all articles listed were published in the last 5 years:

 Evidence based summary must be primary resources.

 Provide a very brief summary of each article (e.g., purpose statement, sample – size, convenient or random sample, research design (i.e.,

randomized control trial, quasi-experimental, qualitative etc. and if

institutional review board (IRB) approval. List the purpose of each study

and only the findings pertaining to the purpose statement and/or research

questions or hypotheses. Do not list all of the statistical tests.

 Rigor of each study needs to be discussed (e.g., quantitative study – consider reliability and validity of instruments as appropriate). If there

were Cronbach alphas performed pertaining to instruments do list these

and then discuss the meaning (if .7 or higher there is evidence the

instrument has reliability with that study sample). If you are describing

qualitative studies state if assessment of data occurred (e.g.,

trustworthiness, etc.) and what was found. Module 5 lectures and readings

help with this aspect of your paper. Identify any other factors that could

have affected the study findings (e.g., attrition of 20% or more of subjects,

novelty effects, small and convenient sample, etc.).

 Quality and extent of evidence – rate each of the four research articles according to hierarchy evidence (Table 1) page 582 of the Facchiano &

Snyder (2012). Evidence-based practice for the busy nurse practitioner:

Part one: Relevance to clinical practice and clinical inquiry process.

Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2, 279-286.

Make sure you state why you selected the level of evidence according

to the Facchiano & Snyder (2012) rating scale.

 Worth three of the 8 points for this section. In 2-3 paragraphs, provide a coherent summary of your position and

rationale regarding the quality and state of the evidence pertaining to

your topic (level of evidence, how well the study was performed in

terms of rigor and/or assessment of data quality, reliability and



validity of the study instruments if appropriate, applicability of the

findings to what kind of individuals, etc.). Refer to information in

modules 1-6 (i.e., lectures, readings, handouts, etc.). See Modules 1 and 5

along with the lectures & handouts.

5. Discuss how the theory you selected can be specifically applied to your clinical

topic and provide literature to support your actions from the articles you reviewed.

Now that you are better informed with scientific evidence from your literature

review, how can you specifically influence and/or create change in your setting

as an APN with regard to your identified topic? Provide at least 2 clear and

detailed illustrations of how the evidence/knowledge you have found can be moved

into your practice setting with measurable outcomes. If you plan an educational

intervention, for example, how does your selected theory affect the framing of your

measurable learning objectives, content, teaching strategies, number, timing and

length of teaching episodes, etc.?


6. Closing paragraph/section that summarizes what you precisely learned in

terms of the state of the science, assistance the theoretical framework you

selected provided and final take away messages. We want specific statements.

This section does not need to be long, but specific and targeted in terms of what

you learned and your final position and conclusions regarding the state of the

reviewed evidence and its applicability to practice. If you identified a major gap

in the evidence from your review of the literature, state the specific question that

needs to be investigated and your rationale why it needs to be performed.


7. The paper should be written following the guidelines of the American

Psychological Association Publication Manual, 6th edition.

 Abstract prepared according to APA format (see pages 26-27). No references are in the abstract.

 In addition, the paper is expected to be well organized, and have a logical flow of ideas with appropriate headings (pages 62-63 of 6th edition) and

citations used.

 Paper must have a minimum of five primary references with the majority in the last 5 years

 Three (3) primary research articles focusing on their topic  One (1) scholarly article that is an original work written or co-

authored by the theorist (OK if this research article is more

than 5 years old). If an article is not available, then a textbook

of chapter by the theorist will suffice. In addition, we recognize

it may be greater than 5 years old.

 One (1) article that actually tests the theory selected (does not need to be specifically relate to the topic that you have chosen).

 Organized, clear, correct spelling and grammar, and professional in appearance.

 If you have selected a newly developed theory, the research that helped to develop it may be one of your references listed. Within the paper, make

specific statements pertaining to application rather than broad generalized


 No more than 10 pages excluding title page, abstract and references.

 Make sure that you include page numbers, a title page, and a header according to APA format.


Total Points 20

Additional Comments:



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