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Homeland Security

Conduct brief research online to find an example of a disaster, emergency or critical incident involving either some government jurisdiction or agency (i.e., federal, state, local, tribal, territorial), or a private sector business or industry, or a nongovernmental organization such as a nonprofit, volunteer, or faith-based organization, from the past 50 years (1967-2017), where public relations or a PIO played a significant role in that event–either positive, or negative.

In your original response, briefly describe:

  • the incident and its impacts;
  • what the major public relations issues or challenges were;
  • who served as the PIO, spokesperson or public “face” for the affected jurisdiction, agency, or company;
  • which (if any) basic principles or concepts involving public relations or the roles of PIOs seemed evident, or lacking;
  • whether the public relations/crisis communications could be deemed successful, or a failure, and why.

It’s fine if you also include a URL to a relevant website or Youtube video regarding the incident or public relations issues you discussed.

1 1/2 pages with 2 to 3 references, APA.


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