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Home Water Main / RaspberryI P

Home Water Main / RaspberryI P.

I appreciate any help with the following code issue:

I need some help developing code to load into a Raspberry PI, to control a home water leak detection system. The schematic of how the system should operate is posted below. The Raspberry PI is used to control the system, and operates on the feedback from the water detection sensors. Once the sensors detect water, the Raspberry is triggered to operate a water shutoff valve to prevent damage to the home. The Raspberry is also integrated with the home Wifi, and should send a text message to the home owner that a water leak has been detected. Please use C++

Home Water Main / RaspberryI Pl {utilized as system PLO] Wifi connected "ha \ Remote Grove Water Sensor Honeywell 34" Automatic Water shut off valve

Home Water Main / RaspberryI P


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