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HIST: US History Since 1865 (


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Which of these aggressive acts of political defiance did Hitler commit in Europe in 1936?



Hitler invaded Poland.


Hitler occupied the Rhineland.


Hitler annexed German-speaking Austria.


Hitler seized Czechoslovakia.


Stalin enthusiastically agreed to the four policemen approach to securing the postwar peace because



he thought it was Roosevelt’s way of promising that governments friendly to Soviet interests would be installed in Eastern Europe.


he did not want to bear the burden of the reorganization of Europe.


he wanted to engage France, Britain, and the United States in a coalition rather than have them build cordial and friendly ties to Germans, turning them once again into a threat to the Soviet Union.


he understood that the United Nations could not possibly fulfill that role.


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In June 1942, American forces halted Japan’s advance at the Battle of





the Bulge.


Iwo Jima.


the Philippines.


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Hitler’s and Stalin’s nonaggression pact involved the division of which of these countries?




United States.








·       Question 12

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Historians regard the Great Depression as probably the greatest factor in causing World War II because



Americans fared so much better than Europeans, leading to anger and in-fighting.


Facing dwindling resources of its own, Germany hoped to improve its economy by annexing other countries.


It led American businesses to reduce investments in Germany, which decreased that nation’s production and its ability to repay its World War I reparations.


None of these choices.


·       Question 13

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Executive Order 8802 established




desegregation in the armed forces.


the bracero program, which brought Mexican migrant workers to America to fill acute labor needs.


anti-discriminatory hiring practices in industries that had government defense contracts.


price controls under the oversight of the Office of Price Administration.


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Women participated in the U.S. World War II effort by




joining the military.


growing Victory Gardens.


playing in baseball leagues.


All of these choices.


·       Question 17

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In May 1940, Winston Churchill



petitioned the U.S. Congress for military aid.


became Britain’s Prime Minister and wrote to FDR.


met with FDR for the first of many meetings.


delivered his inspiring speech to the British Parliament in which he pledged that the British would continue to fight the Germans anywhere.


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Which of the following statements about World War II is not correct?



Historic buildings ? some a thousand or more years old ? were obliterated in Europe by the war.


More than 23 million Soviets lost their lives.


The war deaths worldwide totaled over 62 million.


About 1 million American soldiers died and about half that figure came home injured.


·       Question 22

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Which of these events did not happen at Potsdam?



Churchill was called home mid-conference because his party had been defeated in a general election.


Truman learned that the atom bomb had been tested successfully.


Poland was given an outlet to the sea and had its prewar territorial integrity and political independence fully restored and protected.


Both the Americans and British became more concerned about and suspicious of Stalin and his political intentions than they had been earlier in the war.


·       Question 23

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·       Question 24

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In 1940, the United States experienced its first



attempted attack from another country on American soil, in the state of Oregon.


peacetime draft.


request for military assistance from another country: Britain.


attack by a German submarine on an American merchant ship.


·       Question 25

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From the spring of 1940 until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Roosevelt and the U.S government



refused to get caught up in the drama overseas.


organized the manufacturing, transfer, and transportation of war materials and American defense bases to assist Great Britain and prepare for likely war against Nazi Germany.


continued to believe that Americans could maintain complete neutrality and still sell to the Allies and the Axis powers.


adopted a policy of strict neutrality that prohibited selling armaments and providing any military assistance to Great Britain.


·       Question 26

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In the Munich Agreement (1938), the leaders of Britain and France



allowed Hitler to annex all of Czechoslovakia.


elicited a promise from Hitler to end further aggressive action on smaller European countries.


confronted Hitler about his treatment of the plight of Jews, communists, and gays in Germany, but in the name of peace, dropped the subject.


permitted Hitler to occupy strategic areas of Czechoslovakia, in the hope that he would stop there.


·       Question 27

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Which agency’s job was to set wages, working conditions, and hours, as well as to try to prevent strikes?



National War Labor Board


Office of Price Administration


War Production Board


Office of War Mobilization


·       Question 29

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·       Question 31

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The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (the GI Bill) provided



some unemployment benefits for veterans.


medical care for veterans.


financial aid for education.


All of these choices.


·       Question 32

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How did the war change the landscape at home in the United States?




California faced housing shortages as record numbers of people relocated there.


The economies in states west of the Mississippi experienced the largest economic boom.


Southern states saw rapid industrial development and growth.


All of these choices.


·       Question 33

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·       Question 34

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The “Double V” campaign refers to



U.S. victory against the Japanese and the Germans.


African American efforts to win the war overseas and end discrimination at home.


Roosevelt’s initiative to build public support for America’s entry into World War II.


None of these choices.


·       Question 35

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The main reason the Japanese decided to bomb America’s naval fleet at Pearl Harbor was because



they wanted the United States out of China.


they hoped to handicap the U.S. navy, giving Japan time to achieve its conquests before the U.S. could rebuild and strike back.


they hoped to pull Americans into the war.


they were angry when Americans blocked Japanese imports to the U.S. and influenced other countries to do the same.


·       Question 36

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·       Question 37

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Roughly 90 percent of all Americans favored isolationism despite the situation in Europe for all of the following reasons except




The problems of the Great Depression had Americans focused on improving conditions at home.


Many Americans respected Adolf Hitler.


America was riddled with anti-Semitism and did not want to get into war over Jews.


Americans did not want to bear the cost of war, which they feared would only deepen the Depression.


·       Question 38

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Which event set the stage of American involvement in the war?



The installation of the pro-German government installed in Vichy, France


The bombing of London in the Battle of Britain


The invasion of Poland


All of these choices.


·       Question 39

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Operation Overlord–the official name for the D-Day landing in Normandy–involved ____ Allied soldiers.






1 million


3 million


10 million



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