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Hi there, I am doing an essay

Hi there, I am doing an essay .

Hi there,

I am doing an essay in Healthcare Administration and have most of it done except for describing forces that impact healthcare organizations when it comes to finances, insurance payments, and stakeholders, as well as how each stakeholder group is satisfied. I believe it has to be positive so I can “sell” to the stakeholders. The answers has to be original and I also need to have two resources. I will provide the full assignment to assist with any confusion. I just need help with question 2 

InstructionsPart 1: Imagine yourself embarking on a new career path toward becoming aHealthcare Administrator. You need to study contemporary leadership theories andprinciples and create a plan for professional development for yourself to help make yourdream come closer to reality. Describe your vision of your plan for success (the moredetail you give the clearer your path will be to yourself and others).

Part 2: Imagine yourself as healthcare administrator for a hospital or practice (one inwhich you are familiar) and describe it in detail. Thoroughly describe the forces thatimpact the business including finance, insurance payment and delivery stakeholdersand describe how each stakeholder group is satisfied (The more detail you give, thebetter your board will be able to understand how well your mission statement applies).

Part 3: Create a mission statement for your hospital or practice, taking into account thatthe mission should you strive toward developing and empowering employees and yourdesire to provide leadership and governance direction for the business. Also, describe HS230 Unit 2 AssignmentKaplan University School of Health Scienceshow you will communicate the mission statement to all stakeholder groups and theinterpersonal communication skills you will use.

TITLE: Cardiovascular imaging service line, University of Colorado HospitalNAME:INSTRUCTOR:COURSE:DATE: 13TH JUNE, 2016. Cardiovascular imaging service linesAt University of Colorado Hospital…

Hi there, I am doing an essay


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