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Hi, need to submit a 4500 word

Hi, need to submit a 4500 word.

Hi, need to submit a 4500 words essay on the topic Organisation of Engineering Business.

They offer these services both in the private and the public sector (Interforum, 2003). D&W provides services in several development sector including energy performance and analysis, site infra structure and master planning, in the commercial and residential establishments, and in the health and the education centre. Apart from where their offices are located, D&W has also carried out work in Russia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

D&W has recently received the ISO 14001 accreditation because of a balanced approach towards sustainable development and socially responsible design in all their projects. They attempt to create inherently low energy buildings and use low carbon technology as a vital part of the modern design. Because of their contribution towards a greener environment, D&W has received The Green Organization Award from greenbusiness.ie for the year 2009. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to a sustainable environment.

D&W has also invested in information technology, which is essential for their core business. Until 1994, technology was used only sparingly but the management realized that technology could help to streamline its business processes. This in turn would help them to provide enhanced service to their customers. To improve staff communication, they installed a Wide Area Network (WAN) which could link its computers and the telecommunication system across all its offices (UKonline, 2003). All the sites now work as a team, exchanging information, and they also use technology to discuss CAD drawings with clients. The company has substantially reaped the benefits of their IT investment. It has helped to reduce their print and travel cost by £500 per month (Interforum, 2003). Because of their ability to share information, productivity has enhanced by 20 percent.

The process of change at D&W has been incremental and has not taken

Hi, need to submit a 4500 word


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