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Hi. I’d like to have a critica

Hi. I’d like to have a critica.

Hi. I’d like to have a critical book review written for this book, 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann. I attached a pdf copy of the book for you to read. I need 1000 words analyzing the effectiveness of the author’s argument (presence of bias, etc.) and whether this argument is persuasive or not. 

I need someone knowledgeable in the History of Latin America who could articulate a non-plagiarized critical book review well, please. This is for a second-year History class in university. If you need an example of a critical book review (as a word document), I’ve also attached the example to a different book. Please list references as shown in example. 

If possible, I’d like for the tutor nettysols to answer this question. 

Hi. I’d like to have a critica


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