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hi can you pleaseuse simple c+

hi can you pleaseuse simple c+.

hi can you please  use simple c++, and write with using “Arrays” and include “ctype.h, string,iostream” and use “while” “||&& operators” “for” “if” statements, i have been on this all day and have only an 30 minute to complete it, thankyou

the program that reads in a sentence and search string. Then count the occurrences of the search string within the sentence. The example of the output is as follows:

Please enter in a sentence: Look at me, look at me, look at me now. It is fun to have fun but you have to know how

Please enter in search sentence: me

Found search me 3 times in the sentence.

User input is colored in blue.

Hints and Cheats:

String has a find function that takes 2 values (search string and array starting point) and gives back the value of where it finds the search string. You get -1 back if it can’t find it. So you could keep looping in a while loop while you get back positive values from the find.

hi can you pleaseuse simple c+


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