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APA Assignment Instructions
Before completing this assignment, be sure to view the APA tutorial website provided in the Module/Week 1 Reading & Study folder and to use your APA manual as suggested while viewing the various slides. Your assignment must be a minimum of 2 pages of content not including the title page and the reference page. You may use more than the specified number of pages and have more than 1 reference; these are the minimums.
Part 1 – Create a title page.
1.      Based on the information in your current APA manual and in the APA tutorial, create a title page using APA style and include all the appropriate content for a title page.
2.      Use the following as your title: “Lessons learned about writing style”. However, put the title into proper APA style. The way the title is listed above is deliberately not in proper APA style because part of this assignment is for you to learn and use proper APA style.
Note: In addition to all the appropriate information for a title page, be sure that you include the author note on this title page. Use your own information as the author. You will see information about the author note in Chapter 2 of your blue APA manual. Your title page will include the running head, page number, your name, the name of your paper, the institution name.  See your APA manual for details.
3.      Save this file so that you do not lose it. You will add additional pages later.  Save it as a .docx or .doc document.
Part 2 – Answer these questions and create a properly formatted document with appropriate headings in APA style.
1.      Create another page and answers from below. Label this page with a level 2 heading called “questions and answers” using proper APA style for a Level 2 heading. The way that phrase is listed in the previous sentence is not correct APA style for a Level 2 heading, so you will need to edit the heading. This editing is part of the assignment.
2.      Use the information in your current APA manual and the APA online tutorial for the next portion of your assignment. The main purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with your APA manual, how to use the manual, and what kind of information is in it. As such, all of the answers can be found in your current APA manual and/or the APA online tutorial. Answer the following questions by first writing the question and then your answer. Be sure to number your questions so that it is clear which question you are answering. Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and punctuation.
1.      If someone wanted to know where to find the official criteria for proper APA style, what source would be used? (Write out the complete title of this official source.)
2.      How many levels of headings are identified in APA style? What would be the proper style for each of those headings? (i.e., describe how each of those headings would be formatted.) What is the purpose for using different levels of headings?
3.      What do the initials “DOI” represent? What is it, and why is it important?
The remaining questions can be found using the Liberty University Online Library.
4.      What is the web address for the off-campus access EZ Proxy login? (For this question, simply copy and paste the web address from your browser. The point of this assignment is to be sure that you can find EZ Proxy.)
5.      What kinds of resources can you access through the Liberty University Online Library?
6.      What is ILLIAD? Identify what the acronym means and explain reasons for which you would use this resource.
Part 3 – Create a page for your references.
1.      Create a page for the reference you listed in the first question in this assignment. List that source as a reference. As a reminder, it is the question, “If someone wanted to know where to find the official criteria for proper APA style, what source would be used?
2.      Use proper APA style headings, page numbers, margins, indentations, etc., for current APA style. You must have at least 1 source listed as a reference.
Part 4 – Combine all the above parts of the assignment into 1 document.
1.      The last thing to do with this assignment is to combine it into 1 document. Start with the document you created for the title page, then include the next pages answering the questions, and then include the page for your reference.All the pages will now be in one document.  Be sure that the running head and page numbers appear on all pages.Save all information under the filename: lastname_APAmodule1.
2.      Submit this 1 completed document appropriately in Blackboard.
Submit the APA Assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1.


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