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Healthcare Administration

1. Distrust among health sectors slows collaboration


Health insurance acts as a buffer between the consumer and cost of health care goods and services. Goods and services cost the consumer less than the charged price because of the presence of health insurance. Because a consumer does not pay the full cost of a good, the consumer may purchase more than goods than he would otherwise purchase without insurance. Providers act as patient’s agent and act in patient’s best interest. Providers may have a financial incentive to act or refrain from acting in a certain way due to insurance arrangements or the lack of insurance. Supplier-induced demand is the provider version of moral hazard. Providers create a demand beyond the amount the well-informed consumer would have chosen. How do we create an alignment of incentives that creates the best possible outcomes for the provider, supplier and the patient? (150 words)

2. Examine the importance and relevance of health economics and how it relates to an individual’s health. (500 words)

3. Discuss the role and importance of organizational culture in promoting organizational change, organizational learning, and quality of healthcare.

Explain how teamwork is used in the CQI process and its impact on the process. (150 words)

4. Consider Kotter’s eight-stage model of change. How does it compare to Berwick’s rules of the diffusion of innovation? (200-300 words) (3 reference minimum)

Please number all answers accordingly and provide all references used and cite in text where used. No plagiarism!

Due by Saturday April 1, 2017 at 12pm (noon).


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