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For each board, there is more

For each board, there is more .

For each board, there is more than one topic. Please choose ONE topic for the main post. The main post must be a minimum of 250 words. Please also reference any sources used (or quoted) at the end of your response. You can use the textbook; however, you must also use AT LEAST ONE OUTSIDE SOURCE other than your book. You can use the internet or our Penn Foster Virtual Library to find more sources. You can access the Library through your portal Home Page. 

Once you post, please also take the time to read and respond to TWO of your classmates’ posts. Each peer post needs to be AT LEAST 125 WORDS. These posts must be done within 7 DAYS of your main post or it will be returned. You can reply to any student posts, it does not have to be the same main post topic as you chose to write about. 

If your post is rejected, you will receive a message in your message center regarding why. Please make the corrections and repost. 


1. What is a sex or X linked trait? What is the difference in inheritance between boys and girls for these traits? Describe an example of a sex linked trait in humans other than those in the textbook. 

2. Lesson 1: The cell talks about what makes something living and the most basic component of life as the cell. There are many different proposed explanations about the origin of life itself. Find some of these theories on the origin of life and choose one. Explain it, discuss why you think it makes the most sense, and discuss some of the holes or issues in the theory you chose. 

3. We learn about the steps to the Scientific Method in chapter 1. Choose a question you may have had or have about everyday life and tell us how you would follow the steps in the scientific method to solve that question. (this does not have to be a science question) 

4. Scientists have found a few planets that they think could support life other than earth. Find these planets and talk about what characteristics they have that would make them able to support life. 

For each board, there is more


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