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Explore current literature to increase knowledge of leadership in nursing practice.

Guidelines: Annotated Bibliography

Purpose: Explore current literature (collection of writing on a specific topic) to increase

knowledge of leadership in nursing practice.

The annotated bibliography assignment will help students prepare to design and present a poster presentation regarding nursing leadership in practice. The focus is building student knowledge of various leadership roles in nursing (current trends). The assignment also promotes student reflection on development of their own leadership skills.

Students will read the summary of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” for baseline identification of leadership roles (posted in Blackboard).

Students will then search the literature to identify and select five (5) nurse leaders, who will be the topic of the annotated bibliography summaries (students must use credible sources when searching literature).


Students may also choose to submit 2 of the 5 annotated bibliography summaries on the following topics:

  • attachment



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