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Background information: Three Classic Leadership Styles
The earliest research on leadership styles was conducted by Kurt Lewin (1939) and his students who identified three basic styles: autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. The autocratic style is directive, assertive, aggressive, and controlling in relationships. Leaders with an autocratic style use strict policies and procedures to control the work environment. Followers have little power and are unable to challenge authority. The leader with a democratic style is open-minded, interactive, egalitarian, and collaborative, and focuses on policies and procedures less than the autocratic leader. Followers are a part of the decision-making process at all levels. The leader with a laissez-faire style uses a hands-off approach, giving followers a significant amount of autonomy to complete tasks, determine goals, and make decisions. This type of leader focuses on policies and procedures less than the democratic leader. It should be mentioned that the laissez-faire style can be “risky” and can create chaos for followers due to a lack of supervision.
For the Case Assignment, conduct some research then write a 3-page paper in APA format, comparing and contrasting the three classical leadership styles and the pros and cons of each style.
Cite all sources within the text and in a reference list at the end of the paper.
Length: 3 pages double-spaced and typed .Reference page is not included in the 3 pages.


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