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As a leader, managing the staff in continuous improvement means having an awareness of the best way to motivate each member of the staff to become the best version of themselves.  For this assignment, choose one of the two articles on Motivational Theory from the following articles are: Haque, M. F., Haque, M. A., & Islam, M. S. (2014). Motivational Theories – A Critical Analysis. ASA University Review, 8(1), 61-68. and Ehiobuche, C. (2013). READING THROUGH MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES. In (Vol. 4, pp. 23-27): Chinniah Lakshmiammal Educational Academy & Research (CLEAR) Foundation. Please type the answers following each question using academic writing and APA citation as appropriate.  Double spacing is not required.
Article Reading Reflection:
1. What are the main points of this reading (focus on concepts, ideas, and themes, not on individual facts)?  Type the answer here.
2. Was anything unclear or confusing to you? (Muddiest Point)Type the answer here.
3. What was new information, and did it change the way you think about or perceive your role in motivating the staff to improve instructional practice? If nothing new learned, explain, and provide an example of how you are currently using one of these theories and the results on your campus. Type the answer here.
4. Was there anything you would like to explore further or find out more about in order to develop your skills as a leader? If not, provide an example of how you are already using motivational theory to motivate your peers to improve their instructional practice. Type the answer here.
5. Describe at least one connection between the reading/topic from outside this course (other courses, news stories, your campus/district, leaders you have observed, etc.)? Type the answer here.
6. Give at least one specific example of an aspect or experience in your educational career is related to the reading. Type the answer here.


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