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Education homework help. EVENT PROJECT                                                              HOS 161 W01 – Summer 2020
Imagine it – officials announce that the Covid-19 nightmare is finally over and people are free to gather in groups of any size.  You decide to celebrate by hosting a party for 50 of your favorite people.  Even though budget is a major component of an event, this assignment is not about budget but rather the nuts and bolts, and you researching options and expressing your interests.
Research and prepare a summary of the main event items needed to host this event.

  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Size – 12 pt
  • Cover Page – Name, HOS 161 W01, Date
  • Body – Follow list below
  • Type of Event
    • Celebrating end of Covid-19
  • # of Guests
    • 50
    • This number was selected so you can keep in mind the size of venue you would need.
    • Example: you wouldn’t rent the Gaillard Ballroom because it would be too big for 50.


  • Time of Year?
  • Time of Day?
  • Name/Theme of Event
    • It is an end of Covid/finally see your people celebration but this is where your creative side comes out. Example: I would host a “Burn Your Mask” party.
    • Keep it clean and appropriate.
  • Type of Guest
    • Family?
    • Friends?
    • Coworkers/Classmates/Neighbors?
    • Children?
  • Venue
    • Research and select a real venue in Charleston or surrounding area.
    • For those taking this course who do not live here, select a venue where you are.
    • Not your house or backyard but a venue you must contract and pay for.
    • Provide name and website address
  • Parking
    • Is there on-site free parking?
    • Or do guests have to park in garage or meter?
  • Attire
    • What should your guests wear?
    • Example: formal/tuxedo or shorts/flip flops or costumes
  • Catering
    • Do you have to use the venue’s caterer? (Example: if you rented an event space in your favorite restaurant you will have to serve their food)
    • If not, research and select a caterer of choice
    • Provide name and website address
  • Beverage Service
    • Do you have to use the venue’s on-premise bartending service? (Example: if you rented an event space in your favorite restaurant you would have to buy beverages from them)
    • If not, research and select a bartending service of choice.
    • Provide name and website address
  • Entertainment
    • Band?
    • DJ?
    • Music Streaming Service/IPod?
    • Games?
    • Provide name and website address


Education homework help


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