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Consider an online class you are teaching, or plan/want to teach someday. Develop a “big assignment” you would assign – not a short answer question, quiz/test, or discussion board prompt, but a larger assignment that captures a variety of learning objectives and places a significant time demand on your students over the course of the term. This could be an essay, an experiment, project, presentation, or something else you design. Develop this assignment in a way that captures what you have learned from your reading/video watching in Week 4. Perhaps you want to have your students solve a problem? Maybe you want to incorporate constructivist theory, or collaborative learning? Also, consider Bloom’s taxonomy and what levels you are working on as you create this assignment.
Submit this assignment plan as a Word document, in which you supply the complete instructions for your assignment, including word count, due date, and rubric. Give your students all the information they need to succeed. 
At the end of the “assignment instructions”, write a short accompanying paragraph describing your thinking behind the assignment you created and what you hope it will do for your students.


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