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Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Problem 1: (40 points)

GDP/ Income Consumption Investment Government expenditure Exports Imports Aggregate Expenditure Inventories GDP will
8400 6800 1200 1000 400 600
9200 7400 1200 1000 400 600
10000 8000 1200 1000 400 600
10800 8600 1200 1000 400 600
11600 9200  
1000 400 600


  1. Fill in the blanks. Find the equilibrium GDP.
  2. Calculate the MPC and the multiplier.
  3. If the government wants to set a new equilibrium at 12000 by how much it needs to increase the government expenditure?

Problem 2:
Explain whether each of the following events will increase, decrease, or have no effect on long-run aggregate supply.

  1. Country invites more expats.
    b. Government raises the minimum wage.
    c. Intel invents a new and more powerful computer chip. d. A new virus results in closedown of many companies

Problem 3
Consider the data of the following table for the years 2015 and 2016

Year Real GDP Potential GDP Unemployment rate
2015 4.26 trillion $ 4.19 trillion $ 3.5 %
4.27 trillion $
4.34 trillion $ 4.9%


  1. In 2015, Real GDP is higher than potential GDP. Explain how is this possible
  2. Real GDP is 2016 is higher than 1969, the unemployment rate increased

substantially from 2015 to 2016. Why did this increase in unemployment occur?

  1. Was the inflation rate in 2016 to have been higher or lower than the inflation rate in 2015? Does your answer depend on whether the recession that started in December 2015 was caused by a supply shock or by a change in a component of

aggregate demand?

Economics homework help


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