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the topic is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
II. Introduction–includes definition, overview, age and gender preferences, if applicable.III.Epidemiology -Where did this disease first emerge, any particular pattern of disease occurrence, incidencerate, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.IV.Transmission -How is the disease transmitted from host to host?(If applicable)V.Etiology&/or Risk Factors–cause/s of the disease. What is the infectious agent(if infectious in origin)?  What type of micro-organism is it?  Does it fall into a group of similar pathogens?If there is no specific causative agent, then state the Risk Factors that can cause the diseaseVI.Pathophysiology–Discuss thestructural and functional changes in tissue and organs that lead to the disease.Explainthe Pathophysiologyof the Diseaseas stated in your textbook!How didthe disease process happen?VII.Clinical Manifestations-Signs and Symptoms of the disease.a. Signs–are the objective findings that the examiner (or you) can see. Ex: Redness of skin, Lump in the breast, swelling of face.b. Symptoms–are the subjective feelings or complaints by the patient. Ex: Pain, headacheVIII.Diagnosticor LaboratoryTests–tests performed to diagnose disease, or how is the disease diagnosed?IX.Treatment –search for treatment options. Which can be:a. Symptomatic–to relieve the symptoms but not the cause of the diseaseb.Curative–definitive treatments that can completely resolve the disease.X. Prognosis for the future:How effectiveis the treatment used?  Is it a treatable disease? (there are some that cannot be treated). What is the likely course of a disease or ailment? What is the outcome? Arethere new treatments which are under study?


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