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Doodle’s grade distribution ov

Doodle’s grade distribution ov.

1. Mr. Doodle’s grade distribution over the past 3 years for a course in college algebra is shown in the chart below.Number4518021095655If Jane plans to take a college algebra course with Mr. Doodle, determine the empirical probability that she receives a C.2. The theoretical probability of undesirable side effects resulting from taking Grebex is 2 in 19. If 380 people take Grebex to lower their blood pressure, how many will encounter undesirable side effects? 5. Determine the odds against the spinner landing on green. 8 spaces total. 4 – red, 2 – green, 2 – yellow6. The odds against Lounging Larry winning the horse race are 12:5. Determine the probability that Lounging Larry wins the horse race.7. In a multiple-choice test, each question has five options. Students will get 3 points for each correct answer; lose 1 point for each incorrect answer; and receive no points for unanswered questions. A student does not know the correct answer for one question. Is it to her advantage or disadvantage to guess an answer? Show your calculations for expected value.8. One thousand raffle tickets are sold for $2.00 each. One grand prize of $600 and two consolation prizes of $100 each will be awarded. Jeremy purchases one ticket. Find his expected value.A person spins the pointer and is awarded the amount indicated by the pointer. Spinner is divided into 3 halves. 1/2 totals 2 dollars, one small area is 8 dollars and the other is 5 dollarsIt costs $6 to play the game. Determine: The expectation of a person who plays the game.The fair price to play the game.Show your work for full credit

Doodle’s grade distribution ov


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