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Do the messages create unrealistic expectations for people? Why or why not?

Alternative Journal Prompt for those who were absent on RAD day:

Do this: From anywhere on the internet choose an ad that is selling alcohol in which people of different genders appear. Copy and paste a picture of this ad (can also include a link to the ad) and answer the questions below in a minimum of 300 words Step 1 – a) What product is being sold? b) Who is depicted in the ad? Which genders are represented? What race? What do the people look like? (young, old, stylish, etc.); What are their facial expressions? c) Who is the target audience for this product? (Children? Teens? Adults? The elderly?) d) What feelings or emotions does the ad try to associate with the product? Did it work, in your view? Why or why not? Step 2 – a) What assumptions does the ad make or imply about gender roles? (Women are powerful when they hold a hair dryer in their hands; Men like to drink beer, etc). Would you say these assumptions are realistic? Why or why not? Do you think these assumptions reinforce or challenge stereotypes about gender roles and identity? b) What assumptions does the ad make about race? (i.e., African Americas are excellent athletes; Latinos are sensual and passionate, etc.)? Are these assumptions realistic? Why or why not? Do these assumptions reinforce or challenge stereotypes about class?

Step 3 – Consider the Possible Consequences of These Messages

a) What are some possible consequences (short and long term?)

b) Do the messages create unrealistic expectations for people? Why or why not?

c) In your opinion, is this ad socially responsible? How or how not? What does it mean for an ad or a company to be socially responsible?

(adapted from Media Education Foundation film and study guide, “Slim Hopes”)

Grading Rubric for Unit 5 Reflection Journal (for both RAD Day and Alternative Prompt Activities) Your work will be graded according to the degree to which:

• It demonstrates reflection and thoughtful engagement with the Activity understood as careful thought about cultural expectations/standards and norms, as well as your own feelings, thoughts, and experiences (worth 40 points)

• It is well thought-out and developed, with content that is specific and appropriate (worth 40 points)

• It follows the specified word count and uses 12-point Arial font (worth 10 points) • Grammatical or spelling errors undermine the overall effectiveness of the paper (worth 10 points)

Points will be deducted from late Journal Entries as follows:

• 20 points will be deducted from journal entries posted on Blackboard ANYTIME after 11:59 PM on the specified due date, up to the first 24 hours.

• 20 additional points will be deducted each 24 hours after this, up to 72 hours after the specified due date.

• After 72 hours you will receive a zero (0) for your journal entry assignment in that Unit. We strongly suggest that you do not wait until the last minute to post your journal entries as there is always the chance that technical problems (internet, hardware, etc.) might interfere with your ability to upload your work onto Blackboard. We will not be able to grant exceptions to this grading policy for late entries!


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