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discussion topic

Discussion:  Topic # 1, The Cold War

1:7  Describe the actions taken by President Harry Truman during the 

     Cold War.  Discuss the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, NATO

     and the Berlin Airlift.

    Do you think Harry Truman was a good President?

  2:7 , The Korean War

    President Harry Truman ordered US troops to defend South Korea

    in 1950 without even consulting Congress.  The President alone can commit our nation to war. Do you think the President has too much power?

Do you think President Truman made the right decision?

3:7 General Douglas MacArthur.

     Discuss the role of General MacArthur during the Korean War.

     Include the Inchon landing and the Chinese intervention.

     General MacArthur was the most popular World War II general.

     Do you think President Harry Truman should have fired him?

Also, discuss General MacArthur’s role as Commander of US occupation

forces in Japan after World War II.  Do you think he did a good job?


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