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Discussion Essay – 300+ Words

Discussion Essay – 300+ Words.

Need it by 10/30/2019

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APA format and 2 journal article references

subject: Data Science and Big data

“There are few domains as demanding about language-level design issues as machine learning. But it’s not unprecedented: in areas like formal reasoning and verification or cluster computing, new, tailor-made languages have proved an effective solution. An obvious current challenge for ML languages is achieving generality alongside performance, and the early hybrid approaches will need much more development” (Innes, Karpinski, Shah, Barber, Stenetorp, Besard, & Malmaud, 2018).

In your own words, describe the importance of Machine Learning language in the Data analytics ecosystem.

1. Which high-level language is better to use in machine learning (R, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and Java)?

2. Provide at least three justifications and examples to support your choice of machine learning language.

Discussion Essay – 300+ Words


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