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Discussion Board 5

  1. Have advances in modern technology expanded or contracted citizens’ conceptions of what privacy they actually enjoy? Is it still reasonable to assume that conversations on cell phones remain private? What about e-mail messages and texts? Is anything that you do or write on a social networking site such as Facebook actually private?

Please reply to student below:
William Chavez
Let’s be clear in no way shape or form do we really live in a private society. I think the way technology is evolving people are starting to realize that whatever they do in this world is not private. Someone might be watching or hearing you. Scary concept but I mean is there really anything that you can do? I feel as a society we have acknowledged that it is happening, and it is going to continue happening and therefore we just might not care anymore. I know that is how I feel. That is why I watch what I post online. I tend to change my passwords frequently and randomly. Quite frankly I am not doing anything malicious or incriminating so it does not really affect me.
For instance, you are completely wrong if you think no one monitors our text messages, phone calls, or what we do online. Did we forget that the US Patriot Act was established after the terrorist attacks on New York on 9/11? Did you know that this gave the government the power to monitor everything we do? Sure, it is a good thing regardless of the invasion of your privacy. If it helps stop terrorist threats or massive shooting, I’m all for it.
Another situation involving the internet and search engines and what we search. I’m an avid Facebook and Instagram user I’ll give you that. However, I am always googling things that pop up in my mind. Let’s say for this scenario restaurants, countries, tickets for events and etc. Have you not noticed that whatever you looked up on search engines now shows up as recommendations or sponsored material on those social media pages? Is that not weird? That itself should speak volumes to you. If not, I’ll give you another case. Google your whole address. See if your information is out there for the public to see. I did not put it there. My family did not either. So, then who did? Technology and privacy do not go hand in hand.


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