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Discussion 3

Utilize the textbook as well as additional readings, and additional scholarly sources as needed.  

Each response must be supported with strong comparative assessments as well as application premises such as examples and organizational comparisons.

Each response should be done so from a strategic and financial management standpoint.

Each scenario question should be answered individually

1.      Scenario Question 1          At the annual strategic planning retreat, you have been tasked to identify processes and objectives related to building the organization’s non-financial performance measures, such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, time to market, market presence, etc. As a company seeks to increase its future earnings through a stronger value proposition, they are counting on you to create appropriate timelines and objectives, as well as addressing conflicting objectives and other challenges. What do you report out as your plan for moving forward during the retreat?

2.      Scenario Question 2Your consulting organization has been engaged by Penelope’s Pie and Pastry Company that has emerged from a local hangout to a multinational Corporation that has operations across the globe. Since a company grew so fast, they really do not have a clue as to how to identify causal explanations of performance, performance outcomes related to resources or any other aspects related to managing performance. To this point, you are to come up with a company performance management program that includes items such as using history to estimate future performance, market-based aspects, functional challenges, resources that drive demand supply as well as revenue cost, among others. The company is giving your consulting firm much latitude in developing this company performance management program.  Please provide an overview of your plan.

Warren, K. (2008). Strategic Management Dynamics. Wiley: West Sussex, England

Harvard Business Review Press, Eds. (2011). Guide to Finance Basics of Managers. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press. 


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