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discuss three therapeutic lifestyle changes that can be used as part of treatment.

The student write a paper of interest(Heroin Addiction) that will be covering addiction during this semester and thoroughly discuss the criteria of the substance use disorder according to the DSM 5, the common psycho pharmacological agents that can be prescribed as well as their effect and possible side effects on the brain. Each student will identify and discuss three therapeutic lifestyle changes that can be used as part of treatment. The 10-12 page paper will be in APA format that includes a cover page, and a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles. (not included in the total pages) Papers will be graded according to the grading rubric. Late papers will be dropped one letter grade.

Research Paper RUBRIC

Student Name:  _________________________________________________

CATEGORY 19-20 points 14-18 points 10-13 points < 10 points

Mental Health Disorder ** Identifies one mental health disorder(Heroin Addiction) and lists all the criteria according to the DSM-5

Psycho-Pharmacological interventions **Identifies two classes of drugs to treat the disorder and discusses two drugs from each class including effect on the brain and common side effects for each drug.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes **Identifies and discusses 3 therapeutic lifestyle changes to treat disorder.

**APA format 10 points

**APA 6th edition format:

**Cover Page

**Running head

**Page numbered

**Reference page

**Double spaced

**<3 grammatical errors

Length of Paper

**Paper is a minimum of 10 pages


**4 peer reviewed journal articles

**Lists articles that are not peer reviewed


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