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Designing A Network

Designing A Network. Complete the project on page 289 of the textbook by researching all the components needed to design a network that meets the project’s specifications. Next, write a paper in the current APA format that lists each device that will be required, its primary functions and capabilities, a current cost estimate for all hardware, and the amount of personnel that will be required to maintain the network.


A medium-size company needs to know what components it will need to establish a Local Area Network. They plan to have 1,200 users with e-mail, file and print, and Internet services. They also plan to have 20 servers used as LAN, proxy, and database servers. Four departments will need sufficient bandwidth and access applications from a database server. They are also going to expand to eight branch offices located in different states, two with only 10 users needing just a single Internet. What hardware components does the company need to build the LAN for all areas?

Designing A Network


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