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Damerly Company (a Utah employ

Damerly Company (a Utah employ.

Damerly Company (a Utah employer) wants to give a holiday bonus check of $375 to each employee. Since it wants the check amount to be $375, it will need to gross-up the amount of the bonus. Calculate the withholding taxes and the gross amount of the bonus to be made to John Rolen if his cumulative earnings for the year are $46,910. Besides being subject to social security taxes and federal income tax (supplemental rate), a 5% Utah income tax must be withheld on supplemental payments.

Enter deductions beginning with a minus sign (-). You may need to adjust by a penny (subtract or add) to the gross amount to get net pay to calculate exactly to $375.00. Round your calculations and final answers to the nearest cent.

Gross bonus amount$

Federal income tax withheldOASDI

tax withheldHI tax withheld

Utah income tax withheld

Take-home bonus check

Damerly Company (a Utah employ


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