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Cross Cultural Management Disc

Cross Cultural Management Disc.

Cross Cultural Management Discussion – Response needs to be at least 200 words with at least 1 outside research and appropriately cite those reference in APA style.

Find an article that discusses one of the following topics from the readings: Glass Ceiling, Glass Cliff, Breaking through Gender Barriers; Global Gender Gap; Appearance; Pregnancy; or Promoting Gender Equity in the work culture.

Summarize your article. Discuss how it ties into the information from the textbook—does it agree or disagree? Compare/contrast the information. What recommendations would you make to the workplace to remove gender barriers?

You must post a working direct link to your article so others may view it. Your summary should be at least three paragraphs long

(I will need to know the topic and the article that you will be using ASAP so that I can make sure none of my classmates are using the same one – You can message me with this information – be sure to send me the link as well)

Cross Cultural Management Disc


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