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Create a 20 page essay paper t

Create a 20 page essay paper t.

Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses International Business research paper written in the JOURNAL STYLE ARTICLE.

Indeed it dominates the market with its very affordable Haute Courte fashions for the girls and women on the move. It sells an average of 30 pairs of knickers a minute, 6,000 pairs of jeans a day and 35,000 pairs of shoes every week. “Topshop attracts women from their teens to the 40s searching for a weekly fashion idea”. (Topshop Website). While basically aiming at the female section, it also fashion lines for men as well as babies.

It’s co-branding with Kate Moss, the famous Model earlier this year was a calculated move to give it a fresh thrust to move into the lucrative American and European markets, and it has since never looked back. It has 309 exclusive stores in the UK and numerous famous retailers across US and Europe offer it space at their outlets for a varied and extensive exposure. Indeed the first week’s sales at the UK outlets of the Kate Moss collection exceeded £ 3 million, were beyond expectations and are going strong ever since. (Fashion United News).

Celebrity names do have a positive impact on sales and profit figures and those especially from the world of fashion and entertainment, after sports, are engaged regularly by consumer product manufacturers and retailers. (Sarah Modlock). Consumers have favoured products sponsored or endorsed by celebrities and this is particularly true for apparel and accessories as people have a penchant to look good and thereby feel good. Introducing and aligning with Kate Moss by Topshop was a brilliant move and has paid handsomely. It is expected to improve the sagging bottom-line of the company and will be a grand success.

Topshop is owned by Arcadia Group, which also owns British Home Stores, Miss Selfridges, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins and others, and the financial results for the group at the end September 2007 are as follows. It had a total sale of £ 1.8 billion with profits of

£ 293.3

Create a 20 page essay paper t


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