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Create a 16 page essay paper t

Create a 16 page essay paper t.

Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses The main aim of education should be vocational.

In the developing countries, we find that during the 1990s, there were policies that reflected the changing priorities and the shift from pre-vocational courses to the empowerment of general education, as advocated by World Bank in 1991 (Mclean and Kamau, 1999). It was contended that the developed nations that had strong resources, and well organised and well funded secondary schools, were more suitable for imparting vocational education to its students. However, this theory does not hold true anymore and it is now perceived that vocational education is important for all students, worldwide.

It is quite legitimate to frame an economic goal from the context of general education, and one can hardly ignore the necessity of preparing students for their future workplaces, so it is of little wonderment when we learn that “the vast majority [of students] believed that schools should help them to do as well as possible in their exams and teach them things that would be useful when they entered jobs” (National Commission on Education, 1993, 151).

Even today the main aim of education is related to the study of certain subjects that can be gradually developed to prepare the students for pursuing higher studies like doing research work (Lauglo, and Maclean, 2005). In the modern context, the term ‘education’ conveys the same meaning as “”philosophy” and “psychology” do, for a discipline or field of studies, once calls “pedagogy,” often set up as a department or school within a college or university, and thought of as subject matter to be taught and developed by further research. One of our tendencies is to make everything just another subject in the educational curriculum” (Frankena, 1973). Vocational education in this regards refers to the addition of subjects that are more practical based or job focussed, with visits to industries and with appropriate vocational trainings, to

Create a 16 page essay paper t


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