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Create a 10-minute multimedia

Create a 10-minute multimedia .

Create a 10-minute multimedia presentation on Chapter 2 that addresses each of the following in 5-minute sections:

  • Provide an overview of the chapter.
  • Focus on the application of one element of organizational behavior discussed in the chapter, and include examples from your workplace or other experiences.

Create your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint

Overview below:

Chapter 2. Managing Demographic and Cultural Diversity

This chapter covers what constitutes diversity and the benefits of managing diversity. It equips readers with managing demographic management as well as challenges faced when managing workforces with diverse demographic, cultural cross issues and ethics. In this chapter, doing well has been described as a core business strategy by describing unique environment facing employees.

Textbook: Organizational behavior: Science, the real world, and you

Edition: 8th

Author(s): Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C.

ISBN: 9781111825867

Create a 10-minute multimedia


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