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Create a 1 page essay paper th

Create a 1 page essay paper th.

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses A Qualitative Analysis of the Types of Goals Athletes Set in Training and Competition.

The primary question would be. what are the specific types of goals set by the athletes? The research also deserves to have a topic, which will guide the researcher. From the research question, the dissertation title would be. the specific types of goals that athletes need to focus on training and competition.

The research will focus on the specific goals set by the athletes rather than general goals. The specific goals focused on training and competition would improve the performance of the athletes rather than concentrate on general goals, which may target one side only. that is, either training or competition. Specific goals will help athletes differentiate between immediate and lasting goals (Munroe, Hall & Weinberg R, 2004). Through focusing on specific goals, the researcher would be capable of analyzing qualitatively the goals of the athletes in both training and competition.

The main need for the study is to help improve the performance of athletes by helping them set training and competition goals. This is because some athletes focus on competition or practice goals, instead of focusing on both. This research will assist athletes in recognize the importance of making both types of goals in improving their performance (Munroe, Hall & Weinberg R,

Create a 1 page essay paper th


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