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Course: Software Development Processes – Discussion 4

Course: Software Development Processes – Discussion 4.

Your team has been tasked to develop a small application that examines all the pictures in a user’s photo library.  The application identifies pictures that are of the same subject and suggests the best among those similar pictures.  The user then may ask the application to delete all the similar photos except the one the application suggests is the best.  Alternatively, the user may delete user-selected photos from the set of similar photos, leaving the rest in the photo library.

Your team has identified the following subsystems as part of the application architecture:

1. User Interface

2. Find Similar Pictures

3. Identify the best among similar pictures

4. Delete as requested

If you were to do intermediate design on the fourth subsystem using one of the Divide and Conquer approaches, which would you use and why?

Course: Software Development Processes – Discussion 4


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