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Consumer Behavior

The manager of your favorite Starbucks has asked you to use your marketing skills to help attract people like yourself to “his/her” Starbucks. The manager wants a complete evaluation of the experience, covering the sequence of events from a customer’s first media exposure, to being there, to the trip home. To do this, visit a few Starbucks with your mind open to all sensations that might attract or lose new customers (two different Starbucks per group member). Make a list of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel during your visits. What did you hear? What is the place like? What sort of customers does it attract? What mood do the customers create? Compared to other Starbucks, what is especially attractive or unattractive about this one? What can you buy? What is its quality and price? Provide a detailed set of recommendations to the manager of your favorite Starbucks, with evidence based on your observations and concepts learned in class and from the CB book. Also, provide a detailed notation of your observations that include date, time, locations, specifics about customers, etc.

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