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Consider two interconnected ta

Consider two interconnected ta.

help please! show all work and will up vote. Needs to be legible too

What are the values of p’ and q’

Consider two interconnected tanks as shown in the figure above. Tank 1 initial contains 2i] L (liters) of waterand 385 g of sail, while tank 2 initially contains Bl] L of water and 230 g of salt. Water containing 10 gfL ofsalt is poured into tank1 at a rate of 3.5 Umin while the mixture flowing into tank 2 contains a saltconcentration of 45 gr’L of salt and is flowing at the rate of 2.5 Umin. The two connecting tubes have a flowrate of 4.5 Umin from tank 1 to tank 2; and of 1 Umin from tank 2 back to tank 1. Tank 2 is drained at therate of E Umin. You may assume that the solutions in each tank are thoroughly mixed so that the concentration of themixture leaving any tank along any of the tubes has the same concentration of sail as the tank as a whole.(This is not completer realistic. but as in real physics, we are going to work with the approximate, rather thanexact description. The ‘real’ equations of physics are often too complicated to even write down precisely,much less solve.) How does the water in each tank change overtime? Let p0) and .90) be the amount of salt in g at timet in tanks 1 and 2 respectively. Write differential equationsfor p and q. (As usual, use the symbols p and q rather than pfi) and gm.) 1D*3.5+1fBfl-4.52’2l]p’ = 112.5+4.5f20-?IBU

Consider two interconnected ta


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