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Consider a window consisting o

Consider a window consisting o.

How would I solve number 4 and 5. On number 4 I don’t know how to put 2 equations together and put it in different terms. On question 5 I don’t know what equations to use and how to use them in this problem.

4. Consider a window consisting of a rectangle topped by a semicircle. If the total area of thewindow is 50 square feet, express the total outer perimeter in terms of 1‘ only. 5. For certain category hurricanes, the cube of the diameter D (in miles) of the hurricane isroughly proportional to the square of the hurricane’s duration t (in hours). a. Write an equation to represent the relationship between diameter of the hurricane andduration. Solve your equation for D. b. If the diameter of hurricane Veronica was 302 miles with a duration of 273 hours,what would be the diameter of a hurricane with a duration of 140 hours according tothis model?

Consider a window consisting o


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