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Compose a 750 words essay on A

Compose a 750 words essay on A.

Compose a 750 words essay on About the lottery and contemporary tradition. Needs to be plagiarism free!

It seems reasonable that “The Lottery” should be existed because it provides a comparative scenario of the contemporary tradition, later is much better than the previous.

However, The Lottery is a representative to all the cruel traditions that are passed from generation to another in an unquestionable acceptance. The short story tries to demonstrate the importance of traditions in a particular society, especially by showing the importance of maintaining the culture. The author achieves her notions by using the cruelty aspects of cultural practices and rituals, in a periodic exercise that illustrates the loyalty of the people to the traditions. In this case, the short story depicts the historical event that has been conducted in the previous years consecutively. Therefore, this paper aims to demonstrate the way The Lottery shows why it is important for having traditional maintainability and royalty in a given cultural practice.

The first reason is the way the short story shows the importance of contemporary tradition that helps the people in having self-awareness. The Lottery illustrates the historical existence of the traditions in a given cultural diversity. However, the consecutive conduction of the rituals creates self-awareness to the people on the dangers posed by following a tradition blindly. Jackson had a motive of creating a sensible thinking to the people in their efforts of practicing rituals that may affect their livelihood or even cost the lives for the people in the community.

The Lottery was sometimes viewed as a modern aspect of refreshing the traditional rituals to conform to the changing world, especially by demonstrating the negative impacts caused by maintaining the traditional practices. In this case, The Lottery was perceived to reflect or encourage the modern way of living by avoiding or improving the traditional rituals. The story demonstrates the importance of adopting other cultural practices into the

Compose a 750 words essay on A


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