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Compose a 5000 words essay on

Compose a 5000 words essay on .

Compose a 5000 words essay on A comparative analysis of French and other local languages in Conde’s Traversee de la Mangrove and Chamoiseau’s Chronique des sept miseres. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Condé’s Traversée de la Mangrove and Chamoiseau’s Chronique des sept misères will be closely analysed in this essay in order to provide a comparative analysis of the use of French and other local languages in both novels. Firstly, the narrative technique of both novels will be analysed in order to determine how the French language is presented and the message that each author wishes to portray to the reader as a result. The presentation of local languages will also be considered so that insight can be gained into how each author wishes to represent their place of birth and its culture through linguistic technique. Finally, the use of myth and fantasy will be examined so that a clear form of usage can be defined, in order to decipher its function within the portrayal of the French language.

By representing a collection of different opinions, all of which question each other’s motives, Condé provides a way of presenting collective accounts as a means of several possibilities and ways to write a novel. This free and somewhat disorderly structure may suggest that Condé wishes to counteract typical order and demands. An argument for this case can be put forward as Condé’s female characters speak in the first person. In Mira’s first account, the first person is employed from the beginning as she explains to the reader about times during her childhood when she spent time at the river. She informs the reader that,

The use of the first person is important, out of all the men represented in the novel, it is only Loulou’s son, Joby who is «&nbsp.un garçonnet pâlot&nbsp.»2, a description, which is rather emasculating and Xantippe who Condé permits to speak in the first person. It is interesting to note on this point that during the classical period of ancient Greece, Xantippe was in fact a woman and wife to Socrates, a

Compose a 5000 words essay on


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