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ound availability of more vegetarian options, fresh produce, as well as the growing culinary influence of lifestyles and cultures with plant-based diets, vegetarianism has become more accessible and appealing. Available data indicate that about eight million United States adults eat no poultry, fish, or meat. In addition, several million more have gotten rid of red meat but they are still consuming fish or chicken. Besides, close to two million people have become vegans. they have forgone animal flesh and animal-based products such as gelatin. Cheese, milk, and eggs (Davis 33). In today’s world, vegetarianism does not focus only on the potential nutritional deficiencies, but also entails consideration of a wide range of health, economic, and environmental benefits that relates to it. It is for this reason that I would like to be in the community of vegetarian and influence the society and my own life in positive ways.

Before trying to become a vegetarian, I was fully aware that it might be a difficult endeavor. Nonetheless, I was determined to succeed in it and achieve the personal goals that I had set for myself. I adopted a number of strategies and followed a list of steps in trying to become a vegetarian. The first thing that I did was informing others about my intention to become a vegetarian. I particularly informed those close to me including my parents, siblings and friends. It is important to make those people around me aware of commitment of becoming a vegetarian. This is because they are the people who eat with me regularly and therefore they should be aware of my diet preferences and my commitment (Rice 26). While those close to me did not fully approve my attempt of becoming a vegetarian, they were supportive of my decision. I informed them of my decision to become a vegetarian was largely due to health, economical, and environmental reasons. However, I did not have any intention whatsoever to convert any of them towards my endeavor of becoming a

Compose a 1500 words essay on


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