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pt of security today, is not restricted to political or social factors alone but engulfs a wide range of aspects including environmental, social economic and climate change (Homer, 1991).

The issue of Global warming and its potential hazardous aftermath has been addressed by various security experts and academic scholars as being of crucial significance and raised alarm over the capacity of such environmental issues to foreshadow critical issues such as food and water scarcity,

and fair and equal allocation of resources, which would in turn lead to large scale migration resulting in heightened tensions and widespread, disputes (Matthew, 1989).

Environmental change has been, since long, considered as a major security threat by security analysts the world over and as a consequence several polices have been implemented to address and tackle the issue and recognize the repercussions of sudden and unexpected changes in the climate as an impending menace for international security. For instance, according a report presented in 1994 by Sir David King, chief scientist – British Government, climate change is a far greater threat to the world’s stability than international terrorism (BBC news, 2004). Similarly climate change was acknowledged as a major concern and hence included in the British Foreign Policy, as a major security threat, by the then Foreign Secretary of Britain, Mrs. Margaret Beckett, in the year 2006 at a conference in Berlin (British Embassy – Berlin, 2007).

A report presented to the U.S. government suggested declaring ‘climate change’ as a major security issue owing to its potential to cause serious damage to the security of American citizens as well as its impact on the United States military operations. The study titled National Security and the Threat of Climate Change seeks methods in which the impending environment change is a threat multiplier in already feeble regions and aggravating conditions that result in failed states which in

Compose a 1000 words essay on


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